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If you are interested in knowing how to build and maintain constructive relationships and to effectively deal with any of the difficult people you encounter then our behavioural insight processes can provide you with solutions that can transform your life.

If you are uncertain about what you want to change in your behaviour you can send us an email outlining the issue or issues you face and we will send you suggestions on which behavioural feedback questionnaires would be most suitable for you.

If you have visited OUR PRODUCTS tab you will have seen a list of the four most popular questionnaires. It only takes on average between 15 to 25 minutes to complete each questionnaire and you will find below instructions on how to get the best from them.

And... not only can you complete questionnaires on yourself, you can also set up questionnaires to get feedback from others (360) and you can also set up questionnaires to complete on other people (180). So you can get information on what is going on in relationships from different perspectives.

The following information will also help you to obtain the best outcomes from investing time completing the questionnaires.

  • Ideas to help you complete the Questionnaires

As our on-line behavioural questionnaires are usually constructed using a set of statements drawn from real life situations they are relatively easy to answer and these points may help:

  • Familiarise yourself with the computer system and the internet arrangements such as firewalls or time limits as this could affect your ability to complete and submit your answers.
  • As each behavioural questionnaire has specific instructions it is important that you invest time reading the instructions before answering the questions.
  • It is usually advisable to answer the questions as quickly as possible without investing too much time trying to think of the 'right' answer as in most instances there are no 'right or wrong' answers.
  • Answer the questions as honestly as possible to obtain feedback that is more accurate rather than something that is based on an 'idealised' persona.
  • If you are using the questionnaires on our site you will receive your feedback immediately and it can be printed out if you want a hard copy and stays on your profile page for future reference.
  • To validate your self-perception you can invite members of your family, or friends to complete questionnaires on how they see you (360 Degree) and this will provide you with insights on how your behaviour is impacting on them.

If you receive feedback from one of our consultants at a planned feedback session, we supply you with a dashboard (graphical picture) and detailed data on how you answered the questionnaires. Our aim is to give you both a big picture as well as a detailed perspective of your behavioural style to enable you to determine what you wish to keep doing from what you should stop doing or in fact what new things will improve your behavioural style.

  • Pointers to consider

  • No questionnaire is perfect even if constructed from the most stringent of analysis because they are completed by people who are all different and therefore subject to human error.
  • If the feedback indicates that there is something about yourself that you believe does not appear to be true it would make sense to check the feedback with a few trusted colleagues.
  • Please note that the way you feel when you respond to a questionnaire can affect your answers. It is therefore advisable to be fresh and alert when answering the questionnaires and to avoid any substances that could affect your judgment.
  • The best time to respond to a questionnaire is when you're feeling most 'like yourself' in terms of being balanced and not either hyped-up or depressed.
  • You will discover that most questionnaires will contain some questions or statements that you disagree with for a variety of reasons. Read the instructions, as some questionnaires allow you to reject the question or put in an answer that does not affect the feedback output.
  • Remember that all feedback should be viewed from a neutral perspective prior to you putting your own spin or getting someone else's spin on it. Everyone on the planet is different and this means that we will see each other in a variety of different ways from those who see us as being very much like them to those who see us totally differently.

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