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  • Colour Characteristics - Check out how they work!

Let's face it, dealing with how and why we behave the way we do can be a daunting task made even more complicated by the abstract nature of the whole thinking process. To simplify the process for you we have enlisted the help of a typical (maybe not too typical) team in an organisation. However, the more you examine their behaviour they begin to become quite distinguishable from each other in a range of interesting ways.

What sets them apart in the following descriptions is that they each exemplify one of the dominant behavioural patterns found in our 'Colours' model. As you might imagine, with such different styles, the ride can often be anything but smooth!

Perhaps you will be able to relate to one or more of the characters described below. Which team member sounds most like you? We will explore each of the colours starting with Red.

You would usually be a very outgoing and energetic person who loves getting involved in new projects that interest you particularly if they are not too detailed and won't last too long.

When communicating you normally do this with enthusiastic passion in ways that can inspire and motivate your colleagues to follow your proposals.

Having a strong Red preference would be considered to be a real asset to your team in that you bring energy and fun along with a sense of adventure with its associated risks. However, your intent is usually very clear in that you only want your colleagues to quickly take action to complete whatever tasks they have been assigned.

Your Red behaviour would be obvious by your level of enthusiasm and energy displayed along with the speed by which you tackle almost everything you do.

You enjoy being the centre of attention as long as it is for the right reason. Therefore you like being centre stage as this gives you with the opportunity to demonstrate your considerable communication skills that are facilitated by your creative ability. This means that you are seldom stuck for an answer and usually first to express your opinion in a confident and assertive manner.

Adventure and risk are a normal part of your life and as such you can be impulsive in your decision making with the result that you can at times be either the 'star' or 'failing' with distinction. However, if you fail you are seldom depressed for long as a new idea will attract you and away you go with usual optimism and energy.

Much of her time is spent with other people as she tends to be energised when interacting with others. She is very proficient at social events, as she will be happy connecting with a wide range of people including strangers.

The dominant Green preference indicates that you would be a detailed person who usually knows precisely where to seek the information that enables you to be fully informed on each important issue your team is facing.

When communicating you normally do this in a factual, considered manner. If challenged you are likely to respond by presenting your case with considerable intellectual merit. Having carefully researched each issue you will form an opinion on what should be done to deal with it and if others differ with your solution you may be inclined to hold on to your views longer than may be appropriate.

The strong Green preference means that you have an active interest in the environment and would be seen to be keen to conserve resources. Whatever activity you get involved in is tackled with dedication to achieve the best possible result even if it takes a high personal toll from you. This is very much due to your drive for a degree of perfection in all that you do.

Knowledge and competence is high on your list of desires and this drives you to seek every opportunity to learn and acquire new knowledge. This means that you will often be the most informed member of the team and can usually be depended on to have the details at your fingertips most of the time.

When developing relationships you tend to seek like-minded people whom you respect and will tend to form deep relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

You like a structured working environment in which the rules and procedures are explicit and everyone sticks to them. You get satisfaction from being involved in meaningful discussions in which the arguments have sound intellectual merit.

Being generally reserved in nature you tend to flourish in an intellectually stimulating environment that engages your interest and in which you can debate with people you respect.
Having a dominant Yellow preference means that you will be open and approachable in ways that enable you to relate easily to almost everyone you meet. This enables you to usually achieve a high level of collaboration that produces the desired results for the team.

When communicating you normally do this in a warm friendly manner with the aim of putting your listeners at ease and presenting the information in a non-threatening manner.

The fact that you are keen to create an agreeable environment means that you may be inclined to avoid conflict. Should this occur you will look for ways to resolve the conflict by encouraging those involved to look for agreeable solutions? You can empathise with a wide range of people, and being a good listener; can identify the common ground between different perspectives in a discussion. This makes you welcomed in groups because of the way you can facilitate solutions based on finding the common ground.

Strong Yellow preferences indicate that you prefer group working, particularly if it is founded on collaboration and harmonious working practices. You can be depended on to provide help and support when needed and this is made easier through your skill at building constructive relationships.

Being generally modest in your attitude you don't seek praise and yet you are willing to praise others. However, you do like to belong to lots of groups and you are usually a welcomed asset as you help to create harmony.

When you have a very dominant Blue preference you will be very focused on what needs to be done and will usually know precisely what you want to do and fortunately you are likely to have the ability to achieve it.

When communicating you will normally do this with a sense of urgency and this can sometimes be intimidating to your less assertive colleagues. However, your intent is usually very clear in that you want your colleagues to quickly take action to complete whatever tasks they have been assigned.

The strong Blue preference tends to make you choosy in who you form relationships with, as you will tend to associate with like-minded hard working people who demonstrate an equal sense of urgency. Therefore, you tend to seek out similarly competent people with whom you can form mutually beneficial relationships.

Having a strong pragmatic orientation enables you to quickly identify solutions and to implement them with equal speed. The end result tends to be a sound resolution of the problem whilst on occasion it can be a quick `fix' that only keeps the process going. Fortunately for everyone you tend to realise in hindsight that it has not been enough to meet longer-term needs and this triggers a desire to work with colleagues to discover a more sustainable outcome.

You are at his best socially when you are responsible for some of the action and thus need to be kept busy seeing to what needs to be done. You demonstrates an ability to interact with most people however, you are not particularly good with small talk and will tend to gravitate towards like-minded people with whom you can have a purposeful discussion. You are usually not inclined to stay too long in the one place.

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