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Self Answerd£25.00
180 Degree£25.00
360 Degree£25.00
Self Answerd£25.00
180 Degree£25.00
360 Degree£25.00
Self Answerd£25.00
180 Degree£25.00
360 Degree£25.00
Self Answerd£25.00
180 Degree£25.00
360 Degree£25.00

Insight and feedback questionnaires

If you want to, have a need to, are motivated to make changes to your life then the Centell behavioural feedback questionnaire system can provide you with a clear picture of how you see yourself with suggestions on how you can make the desired changes.

To assist you to discover solutions to the variety of issues you face we have created a number of behavioural questionnaires of which the following four are in most demand:

Relationship Colours provides you with useful insights into your preferred relationship behaviour and the degree to which the behaviour enables you to achieve your goals.
Listening Stylelistening is critical to being an effective communicator and the feedback from the questionnaire will provide you with a clear picture of your listening preferences and how these help or hinder your communications.
Behavioural Style the output from this questionnaire will provide you with insight into three of your mood states. The feedback will help you to identify any behaviour you need to modify that will help you improve your relationship effectiveness.
Learning Stylewe all learn differently and the feedback from the questionnaire will provide you with a clear picture of your own learning preferences. You can then arrange your learning process to best fit with your preferences to improve you learning effectiveness.

Each questionnaire was built from observing the behaviour of a significant number of people from in a wide range of organisations who attended our different learning events. They were constructed using statements that fitted each behavioural model and were verified to show consistency in interpretation by a range of different people.

The questionnaires only cost £25.00 each and If you want to improve your self-awareness and self-concept in order to make the desired changes then this small investment will benefit you.

Learning events

We have developed the following learning event that can be delivered in a number of ways including on-line.

People Skillsprovides a range of tools that can help you to improve your interpersonal skills in ways that will help you to build truly effective relationships
Personal Brandingintroduces ways to improve how you present yourself whether this is for business or personal reasons.
Knowing Your Personal Brand It is now critical that we look very carefully at how we develop and maintain our value as a person in all aspects of our lives. The process will help you assess your current value position and determine the action that you need to take to develop a 'brand' that will enable you to achieve today and in the future.
Making Relationships WorkThere is so much joy to be gained from having relationships that are soundly based on mutual trust and the process will help you to explore the ways you go about developing relationships.
Handling Difficult PeopleIt is important to know what makes you or others 'difficult people'. This learning process explores eight different types of difficult behaviour and you will be able to assess the degree to which you or colleagues may demonstrate these behaviours.
Your Life, Your ChoiceThis learning will help you discover your preferred behavioural styles and how these assist or negate you in achieving your goals. Being aware of your preferred styles will help you to determine what you need to do to enable you to make the choices that will help shape your future life.
Thinking About ThinkingKnowing the thinking approaches that you use can assist you to determine the most effective way of dealing with others. The learning process will help you to explore the way you gather information, how you make sense of it and how you use it when dealing with situations and relationships. This will put you in a powerful position to extract the optimum results in these changing times.


Enabling Leadership by Tom Jaap
Gower Publishing Group, Hard Cover, 235pages
In a world of constant change and ever increasing competition, where people are more and more demanding a say in the factors that affect their working lives, what is the more effective way to lead? This is the question Tom Jaap confronts in this trail-blazing book. By way of an answer he offers a framework and a set of practical ideas that will help leaders to create organisations that motivate people to achieve.
Enabling leadership is an empowering process that harnesses the energy and commitment of the individuals that make up the organisation. By actively involving people in shaping their working environment, by securing commitment to agreed standards of performance and by relating reward directly to output, leaders can replace control by self-discipline and individual responsibility. The result is improved productivity and cooperation at all levels.

The Steps to Self Development by Tom Jaap
HRA Publications, Hard Cover, 166pages
Have you recently said to yourself "I'd like to do ..." or "If only I had the chance ...." or "Given the opportunity I could have ....". We all have dreams and ambitions which never seem to be fulfilled. Many reasons are stated for this inaction, but the most likely is procrastination with its paralysing effects.
You have a tremendous source of untapped potential wrapped up within you just waiting to be released. This book will help you develop a kit of tools to enable you to break the chains of procrastination, or any other limiting factor.
The easy to follow self-help projects will assist you in prioritising goals and selecting the best route to your goals. The chapter on 'Making' Time will provide you with plenty of ideas for finding the time to make life much more rewarding.
By following the steps to self-development you will learn how to unlock and use the wonderful resources you already have at your disposal. You will be surprised and delighted by what you can accomplish if you really put your mind to it.

How to Realize your Potential by Tom Jaap and Sheila Hampshire
Institute of Personnel Management, Soft Cover, 145 pages
Realizing potential is about the future; it is about striving for dreams and ambitions of where we want to be and what we want to do, and of preparing our lives in such a way that we are motivated towards realizing our objectives.
The major problem is in defining our dreams and ambitions and in translating these into achievement and fulfilment. This book provides the means which will help you turn your ambitions into reality. It will also be of value to all those wishing to realize their hidden potential and achieve fulfilment, whether they be young people at school or in college, people at work or out of work, or those in retirement.

Online Coaching

Our on-line coaching process is designed to assist those who have used one of our diagnostic behavioural questionnaires or attended one of our learning activities and have the desire to continue the development journey.

On-line coaching is very convenient in that it enables a person to work at his or her own speed, in a location of their choice, at a time that suits them. Therefore it puts the development process fully within the individual's control.

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