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The following comments are a sample of what we received following participants involvement in our different learning activities including receiving feedback from our online questionnaires:

"The Centell approach is practical and integrated using a variety of techniques, in particular, pre- & post-course questionnaires to test actual perceptions of others in relation to oneself, providing a conceptual framework with which to operate and review one's own behaviour, and theoretical and anecdotal evidence to support analysis of others' behaviours, with sound coaching advice. Overall, this process was very enlightening, professional and useful".

"Working on problems with people with different behavioural styles opened my eyes to lots of possibilities. It would be good for everyone in our organisation to experience working with people with other styles. Really good value and I enjoyed it".

"The programme made me question the 'thinking box' I assumed I was in, it has given me confidence to use some other ways of thinking which I had been uneasy about using".

"Relationships Colours is about giving people a better understanding of how you are driven, how others might be driven and how both can work more effectively together".

"The knowledge - awakening of my own abilities to be able to handle the situations that I feel most uncomfortable in, a valuable tool in the ever-changing world we work in".

"I am now able to compare my past working experiences to what I can/will do positively from now and in the future. Very thought provoking, and I have been drawn out of my comfort zone".

"Helped me understand how we are perceived by other people. Difficult people don't always know they are difficult".

"The programme helped me to see the potential we have - can now have a vision to achieve".

"Very positive processes showing simple ways to make change"

"The questionnaires help and encourage people to help themselves. Good examples of things I could relate well to and see in my life".

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