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  • Your results are always available to you

Whenever you are online the Your Toolkit tab is where you will be able to access the results of every behavioural questionnaire you have completed. Once you access the questionnaire feedback you will discover an accurate picture of how you see yourself. This is achieved by providing you with evidence of the actual statements you selected and showing how your responses relate to the particular behavioural model.

To ensure that the process is criteria rather than normative based you are encouraged to assess the feedback in relation to the behaviour that would enable you to develop and maintain effective relationships in every aspect of your life.

  • Test the feedback

The process encourages you to look closely at the behaviour you perceive you use when interacting with other individuals in your network. In addition it also examines how you behave when interacting with people who have different styles from you.

The feedback is almost instantaneous and access to the questionnaires is by inserting your username and password. Every behavioural questionnaire you complete is kept in your own personal folder in the toolkit that can be accessed at any time you want and have internet access.

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